What we really do?

Citistek Smart Techtronics Co. Ltd. is an IT security company bringing together the skills, knowledge and expertise of a range of senior people with specialist backgrounds and experiences in the IT security industry. Specialist knowledge and skills are brought to Citistek Smart Techtronics Co. Ltd. by each member of the team, which enables Citistek Smart Techtronics Co. Ltd. to manufacture and offer wide range of excellent gate automation from tri-pod turnstile, flap barrier gate, swing barrier gate, full-height turnstile, road blocker all kinds of auto gates etc electronic security solutions.


Our Vision

We are Systems Integrator, consultants, trainers, evaluators and researchers; assisting organizations to employ effective security solutions so as to minimize crime against people, assets and intellectual property; and therefore reduce the financial impact on business. We are highly qualified in the technical field of security, project management, IT equipment and supplies, bio Data enrollment, Access control solutions, Card distribution, service delivery and operate as a continuously learning organization.


History of Beginning

From 2006 to date, Citistek Smart Techtronics Co. Ltd. is a trade company for all security products. Citistek Smart Techtronics Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in R & D, manufacturing sales and services of gate automation products in Nigeria. We have been involved in IT security automation since 2006. Citistek Smart Techtronics Co. Ltd. has been carrying out the modern mode of enterprise management, efficient way of product development as well as strict quality control system, which has made Citistek Smart Techtronics Co. Ltd. products and services continuously top ranking.